Caminito del Rey revisited

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Jacco checking out the climbing routes
Jacco checking out the climbing routes

Some bolts have been removed, but there are still plenty of routes starting from the Caminito. Even though visiting the Caminito is very strictly regulated today (you have to make an online reservation for a certain date and time slot, all visitors are registered with their passport numbers and given helmets, there are camera's everywhere... next thing they want is a blood sample!), climbers are still allowed free access (it is still free for everyone, but as of August an entry fee is imposed on all visitors apart from climbers), provided they register and show proof of insurance. It's a nuisance and the crowds might seriously mess with your ability to focus while climbing (to say nothing of the highly probable risk of having your gear kicked off the Caminito and into the gorge!), but at least climbing is still allowed, so no complaints here.

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