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La Bella Italia

(Friday 18 October 2013) by Mariken
We have arrived in the next country: Italy! And contrary to all the prejudices I have concerning Italy (of which many are justified!), up until now everything went smooth and quickly. We did not see a campsite for miles in France, first thing we saw in Italy was a camping, which was even affordable. The guy at the reception spoke a bit of English, and although there are some strange mats covering the ground, the camping looks very decent. With the help of an older Italian lady - who also spoke a bit of English, imagine! - we ordered pizza (hey, we're in Italy!) and they promised to deliver the pizzas within 15 minutes. And believe it or not, the guy arrived at the camping after 14 minutes sharp! Call the papers, Italy seems to have discovered the concept of efficiency! :-p

Of course, we are still very close to the border with France. Let's see what tomorrow brings! ;-)

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