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(Friday 25 October 2013) by Mariken
Despite all the good tips (thanks Bibiche!) we left Italy after a few days and drove to Slovenia. Why, you might ask. Well, those who know me, know also my general feeling about Italy and my particular feeling with regard to Italian men... don't get me started! To be honest, the Italian men were ok, apart from those on the highway, seriously, they can't drive and are too pigheaded... eeeh, Italian to admit it. And then the finger... the finger... adult childs with small dicks, that's what they are! But other than that, no troubles with Italian men. And as I wrote in my previous entry, Italy even seems to have realised what the concept of efficiency is, so no big problems there too. We stayed in Arco, THE Italian outdoor paradise for three days and although it was not unpleasant, it did not convince us to stay either. To start with, the campsite was ridiculously expensive, 24 euro in low season anyone??
The pleasures of Italy...
The pleasures of Italy...
But even worse was the weather. A lot of rain and dampness, so no climbing weather at all. And when a campsite is affordable, I don't mind waiting a few days for better weather. When the campsite alone eats half our daily budget, I get the hell out of there. We did some sightseeing in Arco, I drank a huge cappuccino and we did some serious outdoor shopping, but after three days we decided it to call it a day and head for Slovenia. We barely survived that ride (I still intend to say my thanks to Our Lady of Italian Drivers), because it was only by sheer coincidence and dumb luck that we reached Slovenia in one piece. Jacco claims his driving skills might have added to our survival chances and I have to admit to the oversight; I could not have done what he did! <3

But now, Slovenia. It could not be more different. As the Lonely Planet says, they manage to combine a German work ethos with a Mediterranean joie de vivre. Everyone speaks English and German, besides Slovene and Italian, people are very friendly, drivers behave, it only has about 2 million inhabitants and most of the country consists of beautiful countryside. It's a new country for both of us, although Jacco has already visited this area as a child. However, at that time it was still called Yugoslavia, so he insists on counting it twice, hmpf. 7-)

We spent the night in a hotel near Nova Gorica and drove to the south the next day. Yesterday we visited Piran, a small Venetian influenced sea side town and enjoyed the good things of Italy with the even better things of Slovenia. On top of that we got a discount in the museum as we 'were still very young'. Thanks!

Tomorrow we will be heading out to check a climbing area in the vicinity of Koper. New country, new possibilities! B-)

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