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Wanted: rich, dominating sex god with mental issues...

(Saturday 23 November 2013) by Mariken
Even though I am thousands of kilometres away from you, I hear you thinking and mentally screaming: WHAT!! Has she gone mad?! I tell you, no, not me. But women in general have, as I discovered today after visiting several book selling websites in a hunt for new e-books. Allow me to explain.

First of all, I am not a feminist. I firmly believe in women emancipation and equality and all those kind of things, having a proper education myself and the firm believe that you can do whatever you want as long as you work hard enough for it, whether you are a man or a woman. But as said, I am not a feminist. I strongly believe that women emancipation (at least in the Netherlands, let me be clear about that!) has come to an end. All goals are fulfilled, there is no glass ceiling. The majority of university students is female nowadays, so it is clear that the old days are over; women at least get a decent education. We are still a bit behind on the work floor, but I think that will be remedied in another generation as well.

Secondly, I have read the Fifty Shades series. And the Twilight series. And even two out of three books from the Crossfire series. There, I have confessed my secret sins. Did I enjoy these books? Well, they do for a bit of light reading (no, I am not quoting Hermione, this is really light reading, the books are almost airlifted, that kind of light). Do I think they are good books in the literary sense? Absolutely not.

And this brings point one and two together: as written above I believed (notice I switched to past tense!) women emancipation was fulfilled. I believed women stood on equal footing with men. I will not go as far as to state that women don't need men (because we do), but I was convinced that women nowadays are generally independent and free to make their own choices. How very wrong I was.

Reading the aforementioned series brought the truth to light: what women - independent, well educated career women - nowadays want is a rich, dominant sex god with mental issues. Rich, because then he can spoil her with jewellery, clothes, cars, whatever (the days of flowers are over, apparently). Sex god, because we are all emancipated women, so nowadays we are allowed to admit that we like sex. Mental issues, because we can help him solve them. And dominant because... yeah, why? Because apparently women are not that independent and self-sufficient as I thought.

Ladies, what have we done to ourselves?! Surely we are worth more than a rich, dominating sex god with mental issues?? Why do you care Mariken, are some of you thinking, it's only books we are talking about. Well, yes, it is only books, but best-sellers as well. Apparently this is what people want to read. And when it comes to Twilight, Fifty Shades and Crossfire, the vast majority of the readers are female. And now we even have a Dutch equivalent as well: Muren van Glas by Marique Maes, which apparently is a pseudonym for Esther Verhoef, one of the better thriller writers of the Netherlands. I have not read the series, but the summary online was enough. Maybe it is well written, but the starting point is the same: smart career woman falls for rich, dominating sex god. Whether he has mental problems, I do not know, having only read the summary, but it is clear he has problems, mental or not.

Okay, you can read whatever you want, including this. After all, I have read books like this as well, and I even said that I enjoyed them to a certain extent. But this is where I draw the line. The umpteenth series in this category? Is this really our secret fantasy? It has to be, considering the sales numbers. Fine, then it is. But then don't start on the so-called glass ceiling again. No more moaning about not enough women in high positions. No complaining about no equal salaries. Because apparently we want to be dominated by men. As long as they are rich sex gods. With mental issues.

Few. Now that I have that off my chest, I can return to more important issues. Stay tuned for a new blog about food on the road, hopefully on air tomorrow!

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