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Life is a cookie

(Saturday 30 November 2013) by Mariken
World stopping news: last night I made cookies! For the first time in my life! Yes, I am 32 and I never made cookies before. I have baked waffles, apple pies, cakes, muffins, scones, pepernoten and who knows what more, but never cookies. Don't ask me why, because it was mind-numbing simple. And before you ask: I bought a bag of sugar instead of ordering 40 cups of tea at a coffee house, in order to snatch away the sugar bags. I was reading foodblogs for fun, when it hit me: why reading about cooking, when I can do the real stuff myself? It wasn't time for dinner yet, so I wanted to prepare a snack; and I had just been reading about winter spices and coziness, and that got me up and running to the store to buy the necessary ingredients. Two hours later I was proudly looking down on 37 golden brown, cinnamon flavoured cookies. Whoop, whoop, happy! Sometimes it is soooooo easy...

Like a few days ago. We had spent a few days indoors, as the weather was not that good and we actually liked staying at 'home'. I recently bought some new e-books (thanks again Lotte, Hester, Adela, Anna, Tanja and Mark!), so I spent hours immersed in King and Maxwell, De Man van je Leven and currently Het Puttertje (The Goldfinch). But then suddenly the sun was shining and it was nicely cold. You know refreshingly cold, like on a beautiful winter day. A perfect day to visit Dvigrad, the ruins of a medieval city, abandoned in the 17th century. It is not a major tourist site, far from, but that made it so perfect. A beautiful, quiet fairytale castle, completely overgrown with thorn trees, like the castle of the Sleeping Beauty. It was nothing special, no cultural highlight, but it had an eerie beauty and it was a perfect visit on a day like that.

Sometimes life is like a cookie... very sweet.

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