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(Tuesday 25 March 2014) by Mariken
Mariken avoiding the big tufa in Stanislas
Mariken avoiding the big tufa in Stanislas
It was raining buckets this morning, but I can't complain; the past two weeks have been brilliant. And this gives me time and opportunity to finally update the site and post some climbing pictures, not to mention it allows my skin to grow back, which is much needed by now.

Kalymnos is gradually wakening up, every day more shops, restaurants and bars open and every day new climbers appear. We have been making quite some international friends, the last few days. So far we have been climbing with a friendly Slovenian, who stayed in a cave at sector Sea Breeze for ten days and who was very good a coaching, a strong German who hugged the tufas where I didn't and two happy go lucky Israelis with tons of chocolate. We even re-met (is that a word?) two British climbers we had already met in El Chorro last year. In the end, everyone comes to Kalymnos. ;-)

I have not yet nailed a 6c, but that is not for a lack of trying. We found a really good one the other day, Resista at Ghost Kitchen. A pretty long one with 35 metres, an easy slab to begin with followed by some committing pocket pulling on slightly overhanging, brilliant red rock. A beauty, but as I said, committing. I needed two takes because I was totally pumped, but hopefully, with some careful planning and strategic climbing, I will be able to send it in the next few days. On the other hand, the 6a's and 6a+'s are going great and a few days ago I managed to onsight not only my first 6b, but also a 6b+. I have to admit that those routes were exactly my style of climbing, very sharp wall climbing on tiny ledges, but not pumpy at all, so one might argue that I have not completely pushed myself to the limit. But still, how cool is this, in one day? :-D

View over the Aegean Sea, from Ghost Kitchen
View over the Aegean Sea, from Ghost Kitchen
And when there is no climbing, there is swimming in the sea (it is warm enough, if you stay in the sun), eating Italian ice cream and drinking perfect cappuccinos at the Italian ice cream parlour (yes, I have found something the Italians are good at), relishing on chocolate croissants, fresh hummus and spanakopites (spinach and feta pie) from the shop across the street, enjoying the sun at our sea side terrace and having dinner at the marvellous restaurant of Miltos. Maybe I should set my goals higher, because I will be sorry to leave after I have done that 6c. B-)

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