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On our way north

(Thursday 10 April 2014) by Mariken
View over Merece, Slovenia
View over Merece, Slovenia
Just a short travelogue to let you know we are on our way north, due to arrive in the Netherlands around April 16. Within 5 days we have passed 6 border posts with varying degrees of success (we had to unpack EVERYTHING at the Montenegro-Croatia border) and we are currently staying in the cutest Slovenian B&B ever. The Niva still drives, although the layshaft broke AGAIN, right when we were making good progress in Albania. 8-O Fortunately, the bang sounded familiar, so we knew what the problem was and decided to move on to Montenegro with reduced speed, as there are no Nivas in Albania and communication is in any case very difficult there (I can say 'thank you', 'yes' and 'no', although I still mess up with the shaking and nodding of my head - it just wobbles in every direction, except the correct one). Fortunately our hosts in Kotor, who recognized us from our previous stay, were very helpful and the bloody thing was fixed the very same evening we arrived. Best service ever. :-D

So, tomorrow we plan on crossing the seventh border and maybe already the eight, who knows. But let's not push it too much, shall we... ;-)

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