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Following the trail of the Vikings (sort of)

(Sunday 25 May 2014) by Mariken
Having fun in the dunes
Having fun in the dunes
And we're back on the road again! Scandinavia this time, for us a largely unexplored territory. Jacco visited Denmark as a child and I celebrated Christmas in the Finnish snow and sauna years ago, but that's it. Before we left the Netherlands, we made a small trip to the north, Purmerend, which allowed us to drive over the Afsluitdijk when we headed to Denmark - another first for me! Yes, I know, travelling all over the world and this is first time I crossed the Afsluitdijk. Well, there has to be a first for everything, no?

So, Denmark now, to get acquainted with Scandinavia. Denmark is about as big as the Netherlands, about as flat as the Netherlands (even though it is never below sea level), but has about a third of the population. That basically sums it up. You can drive for miles on end, without meeting a soul, even though driving for miles on end means that you cross the entire country in one day. The scenery is nice, lots of agriculture, moors in the north of Jylland, forests to the east, and more villages on Fyn (I do not know about Sjaelland, since we are still on Fyn). However, it does get a bit boring after a while. We 'hiked' from Klitmoller to Hanstholm in Thy National Park, which was a walk of about 11 kilometres, and after 5 kilometres we saw nothing new anymore. Jacco had warned me beforehand: 'It is like Texel, nothing special, you can see this in the Netherlands as well, sea, sand and grass, lots of it.' Be that as it may, I wanted to do the hike, as a Limburger being a lot less familiar with Texel than he is. So I made him walk 11 kilometres to Hanstholm (I had misjudged the distance, thought it was only 5 kilometres, oops), and then another 11 back, to reach the same conclusion in the end. Thy National Park is a lot like Texel and the Wadden may be nice, but in the long run not very spectacular. Maybe we are getting spoiled, but we are looking forward to the rough nature of Norway. Denmark is nice, but a bit too polished, too sterile. Ow well, in this way I can sympathize with my friends who are going to walk the Nacht van de Vluchteling next week (my apologies for not joining you guys). The good news is that I finished the walk without any visible traces, the bad news is that Jacco had two blisters (his socks are gradually deteriorating).

Sunset at Kongea campsite
Sunset at Kongea campsite
After our experiences on Jylland, we headed to Fyn, where we are currently staying. Tomorrow we will, hopefully, cross the toll bridge to Sjaelland, to go to Copenhagen. There I hope to satisfy my inner child with a visit to the Little Mermaid, even though it is apparently anticlimactic. If I were rude, I would say it fits well with the rest of Denmark. }-) But obviously I am not that rude. 0:-) And I have to admit: Denmark has the most beautiful sunsets we have experienced so far.

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