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Bye bye Baltics!

(Wednesday 30 July 2014) by Mariken
After more than three weeks in the Baltic states, it is time to broaden the horizon again: today we will head to Poland. The last three weeks have been weeks of great happiness and of great sorrow. It is impossible to tell you about all our experiences, so let me just highlight some parts.

We enjoyed the Hanseatic days in Tartu, even though it was a lot smaller than we had thought. We had, in any case, some good soup at the Olde Hansa village, Jacco did some archery and we had two days of pleasant strolling in a relaxed town. Our next stop was Latvia, where we focused on visiting castles: Sigulda, Turaida, Cesis and Tervete. We spent a beautiful night in a lovely wooden cottage, with our own private mini-lake in which we had a quick dip to cool off.

When we were still in Latvia we were told about the crash of flight MH17, but it wasn't until we arrived in Lithuania that we realised the full impact of what had happened.

We still did some sightseeing, if only to take our mind off the situation in Ukraine and the Netherlands. We visited an old Sovjet missile launching facility (the irony of it!) near Plunge, the very impressive Hill of Crosses near Siauliai (so much dry wood and no fire prevention!), Kaunas, Lithuania's sympathetic second city with its easy going centre and impressive IX Fort, Trakai with its fairytale castle (even though its restoration is anachronistic beyond believe) and yesterday Vilnius, a bustling capital.

Bye, bye Baltics. We laughed and we cried. And we will never forget.

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