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We are in Paradise!

(Sunday 7 September 2014) by Mariken
The Slovak Paradise to be more exact and indeed, after days of endless rain in Krakow, we finally found the sun again. We spent the last days in Krakow in our cosy bungalow, we visited the 'Pharmacy under the Eagle', which during WWII was run by a gentile, but located in the Krakow ghetto and which became a window to the outside world for many ghetto inhabitants, and we drank litres of hot tea to drive out the cold. Last Tuesday we finally left Poland to go to Slovakia, and it has been a UNESCO World Heritage trip ever since with visits to the Old Town of Levoca, Slovakia's biggest castle, Spissky Hrad and now the Slovak Paradise National Park.

Yesterday we hiked through the Sucha Bela gorge, a 2 hour walk which quite literally followed the river (fortunately we were wearing army boots) and which involved a lot of scrambling over and balancing on trees, stones and artificial ladders. Unfortunately we were not the only ones who wanted to see the gorge, so there were quite some 'traffic jams' at the ladders. Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous walk, but - stupid me - I totally forgot to take pictures as I was too much preoccupied with the scrambling and balancing. Sorry! After the climb up through the gorge, we took the route down through the forest, which took another hour and which was nice, but not as breathtaking as the walk through the gorge. We rewarded ourselves with a beer/apple juice afterwards. B-) Truly a day in Paradise!

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