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Autumn in the Czech Republic...

(Tuesday 23 September 2014) by Mariken
...brings a lot of rain. But apparently that is the story of eastern Europe this summer and autumn. Everywhere we come, locals tell us that normally it is really sunny in August and September, but this year... well, this year everything is different. Apparently their (and our!) complaints have tipped UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon over the edge, because today he announced that we should stop talking about climate change. Instead, it is time for action. We could not agree more with this statement and we support this just cause in our own way: by not taking any action at all. And by that I mean that we are currently not travelling, so our not-so-environmental-friendly Niva is not adding any exhaust gasses to the atmosphere.

Instead we are taking the couch potato route again, this time in Louny, Czech Republic, about 60 kilometres west of Prague, which we still - after almost two weeks in the Czech Republic - haven't visited. Yes, I know, shame on us. So close to apparently the most beautiful city of Europe and not running towards it, what is wrong with us? To be honest, we needed a break. We have been travelling on and on for months, ever since we left Kalymnos basically, and although we still love to visit new places and experience different cultures, every now and then we need a break to catch a breath and 'empty our heads'. :-O And that is what we are doing now in Louny. We found a nice room in a family home, where we can use the kitchen. We even have our own bathroom, so we are relaxing in luxury!

And the Czech Republic is not the worst place on earth to spend an extended holiday. Frankly, I think it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and I make that statement without even having visited Prague, imagine! It is well organised, nature is baffling and every inhabited place, no matter how tiny and insignificant has its fair share of beautiful architecture, cosy squares, impressive plague columns and majestic churches. So far we have enjoyed the student town of Olomouc, Kutna Hora with its interesting and unusual ossuary and Litomerice, where we visited the nearby fort of Terezin with its horrible history (the fort served as the ghetto Theresienstadt in WWII). Apart from these cultural visits we enjoyed 'hiking' (they call it hikes, I call it extended walks) in the Adrspach-Teplice rock towns. Especially that place was extremely relaxed and we would have picked that one for our break if we could have stayed in the room. However, as there was a major group of mountain bikers coming for a big mountain bike competition, we had to leave. We could have stayed in our tent in the garden, but since I had been soaked to my underwear already once there (in just 20 minutes!), we preferred to search for a place to stay indoors. With regard to the mountain bikers: rather them then me, as the weather forecast predicted about 20 mm of rain during that competition weekend. Big gna gna. }-)

So, a break in Louny. I am surfing the web, reading a countless number of books (two days ago I put the 200th book on my e-reader!) and proof reading my book, which is still (!) not finished. Plenty of things to do. And we have a sh*t-load of pictures to go through and upload, so stay tuned, they might appear in the coming days!

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