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The couch potato route, part 2

(Tuesday 7 October 2014) by Mariken
Sedlec ossuary
Sedlec ossuary
Finally, we have uploaded our pictures! Considering that in this last upload session I posted pictures from three countries (Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic), you might say we were lagging a tiny teeny-weeny bit behind. :-, And I still need to attach descriptions with every picture, but visually at least you are again up to date.

Not that I am about to reveal some big adventures in this post. In the last post I told you we were taking a break and the title of this post suggests that we have not become any more active since. What have we been doing then these past two weeks? First of all, the book, the BOOK. I will bless the day when I receive notice that my eight author copies have arrived at my mum's doorstep. Until that moment comes... big sigh. Well, at least I have learned a lot in the past few weeks, like everything there is to know about the differences between hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes, the American, English and German rules concerning word break, rules about title case and a lot more. Een dag niet geleerd is een dag niet geleefd. However, the first proof has been corrected by me and sent back to the publisher and I am currently awaiting the second and final (!) proof. So finally, the end is near.

St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral
The day after I handed in the corrected proofs, we decided we had assembled enough energy to go sightseeing again, and this time like real tourists (as in: the opposite of travellers). We took an early morning bus (!) from Louny to Prague, spent an entire day wandering and sightseeing in Prague and then took a bus back to Louny. We even finished the day in a restaurant. A real, old-fashioned day trip. :-p And it was good. Prague is a much hyped town, which is a shame as that meant that we were certainly not the only tourists in town (in fact, I don't think there was a Czech in sight in the Old Town and on Charles Bridge), but it is certainly worth the trip. The best thing about Prague is not the famous landmarks (although those are certainly worthwhile too!), but the fact that everything is beautiful. All houses look nice, all cafes look cosy, all musea look interesting (and expensive). OK, we have not seen the suburbs obviously, and I certainly think there are still some nice, grey, concrete Soviet souvenirs to be found in some hidden corners, but the city centre certainly lives up to the hype. However:
Kafka wrote:This little mother has claws.
We were exhausted at the end of the day, and needed some other couch potato days to recover.

Which is what we are doing now, although we left Louny. Instead, we spent some nice, quiet days in Ricani, close to Prague. The second part of this break allowed me to finally upload the pictures and consequently throw out all the leaflets I had assembled for the background information it provided. And with a clean and reorganised car, we can head out for new adventures tomorrow! B-)

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