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A tourist among the tourists

(Friday 10 October 2014) by Mariken
View over Cesky Krumlov
View over Cesky Krumlov
We are in Cesky Krumlov, aka mini-Prague and it is awfully touristy. And with touristy I mean: coaches and coaches full of Chinese who are dropped off every ten minutes or so. The advertisements in the tourist shops are even in Chinese. But, mini-Prague is beautiful, especially in autumn. So, we swallowed our pride, and became tourists among the tourists for two days. B-)

The ultimate selfie-taker
The ultimate selfie-taker
And we enjoyed it immensely. As said, Cesky Krumlov is beautiful, a small town, situated between some sharp bends of the Vltava river and a UNESCO World Heritage Sight since 1992. The weather was beautiful and the autumn colours are striking. But apart from the sights, we also enjoyed our fellow (Chinese) tourists and we discovered some new, inadmissible tourist tool: the handheld monopod selfie stick. :-? Seriously, this takes individuality to a whole new level. And the best thing was: they all had one! You would think that if you go on a tour with a group consisting of at least thirty people that someone might be able to snap your picture, but nooooooo, why would you care for a bit of social interaction? We were seriously flabbergasted, although even if it is downright pitiful, it is also tremendously hilarious to see tour group after tour group bumping into each other with these sticks and too engrossed in taking selfies, lined up next to each other, to even say sorry. :-p

Apart from having fun about our fellow tourists, we relaxed in the castle gardens, drank coffee and tea on a terrace overlooking the river, enjoyed the sun and the season and walked from one view point to the next. Being a tourist is all about assembling nice experiences and Cesky Krumlov turned out to be a good provider!

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