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Where is our view?

(Thursday 4 December 2014) by Mariken
Standing stones at Babele
Standing stones at Babele
Allegedly, we have arrived in Bulgaria, but it is difficult to tell these days, as our views on the road have completely disappeared, due to bad weather.

This bad weather already started in Romania, in Busteni, where we wanted to hike through the Bucegi Mountains. Unfortunately, all tracks were closed, but we could go up by cable car and we did. And up there, as soon as we went through the clouds, the weather was stunning. It was even so good we were honestly surprised that all the tracks were closed. We would have loved to walk down, but instead we had to take the cable car back. Too bad, but we had a nice time in the snow, admiring the standing stones of Babele and a peculiar rock formation called the Sphinx.

After this wintry experience, we crossed the border to Bulgaria, to visit picturesque places like Veliko Tarnovo and Koprivshtitsa, where we are now. We have been driving over high mountain passes and through deep gorges, indicated on our map as 'scenic routes', but I cannot attest to the beauty of this country as it is nowadays impossible to see anything except the 5 metres of tarmac in front of you. December is definitely not the best time to visit Bulgaria. The weather is simply drab, or, in Jaccos words, unsatisfactory. Apart from a non-existent visibility, it is terribly cold and wet, a deadly combination to my mood. Fortunately, the food is good, at least in here in Koprivshtitsa.

Lonely Planet wrote:There are two kinds of Bulgarian food: Bulgarian food and pizza.

View from our hotel room
View from our hotel room
In Veliko Tarnovo we had pizza, in Koprivshtitsa we have Bulgarian food. I definitely prefer the latter and it does wonders for my wintry mood. And because it is served on traditional tableware, I only just realised that the bowls we used to eat chocolate mousse from with Christmas when I was a child, most likely come from Bulgaria. Light bulb moment :-p, which helps me to actually see what is on my plate and that helps a lot.

So, Bulgaria. It is difficult so far to give a well-founded opinion of it. I think it can be gorgeous, but that is hard to imagine now, as it is hard to imagine that it will be soaring hot here in summer. I think we will do just a small sightseeing tour here and then head to Turkey, to the sun, where hopefully our views will be restored. B-)


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