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The source of life

(Saturday 10 January 2015) by Mariken
Jacco climbing No Name
Jacco climbing No Name
Is water. You use it for everything. Drinking, cooking, flushing the toilet, washing your clothes, washing yourself, cleaning, brushing your teeth etcetera, etcetera. We were without water the past three days. Do you have any idea how gruelling toilets become when there is no water? And how smelly a room full of unwashed climbers is? And why did we not have water? Because the plumbing froze. Yes, you read that correctly. We are in the sunny Antalya area and the plumbing froze. Geyikbayiri is suffering from a cold spell, apparently the worst in 60 years. Temperatures dropped way below zero, climbers are shivering in their bungalows (not us, we are warm in our tent with good sleeping bags :-D), we use three bags of firewood a day, we eat tons of food to keep warm, no one is able to shower, at the rocks toes and fingers freeze and the cat stays indoor near the burning stove 24/7.

I have not been climbing for days (I like to keep my toes), but despite this, I am having a good time (Jacco - apparently not as fond of his toes as I am - has been climbing though). I am enjoying cooking (I can get water at the neighbours) and experimenting in the kitchen (I even found a new friend who is as fond of cooking, baking and reading food blogs as I am, I found time again to read new books (e-reader is still going strong), I drink heaps of tea, learn Turkish from the cleaning lady and have 'days out' at a nearby guesthouse. Today we made a nice walk to some ruins, from which the sector 'Trebenna' derives its name. And when I got back, there was a nice surprise waiting: we had hot, running water again! I rushed to the showers and had the best shower in weeks! Every nook and cranny is scrubbed clean again and my feet are finally thawed. A cold spell in Geyikbayiri is not so bad, if you can have a hot shower every now and then. :-p

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