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The real killjoy...

(Saturday 17 January 2015) by Mariken
Cat lapping up the puddles at the floor
Cat lapping up the puddles at the floor
Is water. After the cold spell had ended the rain came. Lots of it. In one day we experienced about 30 mm of rain an hour. Plenty of water to shower with, even when you did not plan it. The communal seating area was more or less flooded (and the cat made the best of it), the water from the tap was brown because of all the mud, in Antalya people needed kayaks to cross the streets and the bottom part of our tent (and therefore our mattresses and all clothes laying on the sides) got soaking wet. It wasn't pretty.

And apparently we got off easy. In Antalya the boulevard was closed off as the waves were crashing over it. In the entire country flights were cancelled. Part of the coastal road to Kas got washed away and Kas itself suffered badly as well. Fortunately no one was hurt.

After two days of forcibly staying indoors everyone was suffering from a slight cabin fever, but fortunately day 3 after the cold spell brought sun. Everyone rushed to the rocks - even though the tufas had turned into waterfalls - and I started to clean out our tent. I really hate getting my feet wet and three nights in a wet tent are the absolute limit. So while everyone was having a blast at the wet rocks, I was having my own blast. I washed our clothes, moved the tent, emptied it and let everything dry, cleaned and dried the footprint and the sheet of plastic underneath it, washed and dried my bag of toiletries and put everything back together. It sounds like a day of hard work and it was, but I felt more satisfied than when I sent that 6b here (which was pretty satisfying as well, no progress ever since).

I just got lunch with toasted bazlama with cheese and a fresh orange juice and now I am sitting in the sun in shirt sleeves again, enjoying the view over Geyikbayiri. Next to me Jacco is climbing a nice-looking 6a and in between writing this blog post I socialize a bit with other climbers at the crag. Life is good in Geyikbayiri. Warm ánd dry (for as long as it lasts...).

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