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"The Narrow Road to the Deep North"

(Saturday 20 June 2015) by Mariken
Between Spain and France
Between Spain and France
We are currently on a camp-site near Calais, on our way to the UK, and it is pouring with rain. As if the weather gods want to prepare us for the UK at all costs. As if we don't know what rain is... Our ferry to the green isles will leave tomorrow at 10.30 and despite the rain, I am really looking forward to it.

It has taken us a while to get here, as we already left El Chorro on 4 June. After rushing through Spain in two days, however, we came to an inevitable slow-down when we entered France. Inevitable, as France has simply too much to offer for us. So as soon as we crossed the Pyrenees, our driving sequence became something like driving a few kilometres, visiting a castle, driving a few kilometres, taking pictures of a nice church, driving a few kilometres, having a quick peek at a fleas market, driving a few kilometres, visiting a museum etc. When we entered Brittany the real sightseeing started, in Vannes, in Lorient, in Brest and then on to Normandy: Le Mont St Michel, Bayeux and finally, finally the D-Day beaches. I always wanted to visit these, for obvious reasons I would say, but my father, realistic as he was, calculated the chances that it would rain a considerable amount of days of a three-week holiday and always decided against it. But a few days ago I finally stepped onto Gold Beach (where the Brits landed) and I was greeted by the Norman sun. A beautiful day. B-)

Then another lightning visit to the Netherlands to welcome a new little life into this world and then back to France via the Gothic masterpiece Leuven, only to get wet feet already before we cross the English Channel. We will cross it though, even only to see whether it is sunny on the other side.

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