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Patience is a virtue...

(Monday 21 September 2015) by Mariken
Guarding its namesake
Guarding its namesake
A virtue which I sorely lack, I must admit. For the past 1,5 months we have basically been stationed around our backpacks, first while waiting for our car to be fixed (broken front wheel bearings) and now while waiting for our tent to be repaired (broken zippers, rip in fabric of outer tent and a leaking floor, sigh). Since our car and our tent are about the most essential items of our travel equipment, there isn't a lot we can do other than wait. And waiting requires patience, which is something I do not have in large quantities.

The first part of the waiting we did in France, in Bouafles, where we found a nice camping spot, not too far from an interesting castle. The weather was good, our neighbours were friendly and the owners of the campsite were very helpful, which made the situation bearable. However, when we got our car back (after having paid a rather hefty bill, I might add :-x), we discovered that the front wheels still got rather hot after a few kilometres. We went back to the garage three times to have it checked, and in the end we decided to drive 450 km back to Maastricht, which would allow us to contact a mechanic with whom we could communicate a little more fluently.

Being back in Maastricht furthermore allowed us to visit friends and family (lovely) and hand in the sorry remains of our high-tech tent at Bever (big mistake). At Bever they told us it would probably take 20 working days, before we would hear anything back. 'Not a problem', I thought, failing to connect the theory of 20 working days to a real-life calender, as I have not worked for almost three years now. When realisation dawned - 20 working days if four weeks! 8-O - it was already too late, the tent had been shipped off to Hilleberg.

Fortunately, friends kindly allowed us to stay in their second home in Rottweil, Germany, where we have been for the past 2,5 weeks. Tomorrow is has been 25 working days since our tent was shipped to Hilleberg and I am hoping with all my might for a positive message to hit my inbox tomorrow. Fingers crossed. In the mean time I read book after book (autumn is always a good season for new titles to be published), we stroll through the medieval centre of Rottweil, the oldest town of Baden-Württemberg and we hunt down the mice in the kitchen, who - lacking better alternatives - nibble on the lid of the jar of chocolate spread. While typing this log, Jacco brought in a mouse that was caught in the trap we set (one that catches mice alive!), so I just released it on the street.

Life is a little slow at the moment and I am growing restive. Patience might be a virtue, but I'd rather have my tent back.

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