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Catching up

(Sunday 18 October 2015) by Mariken
This was yesterday...
This was yesterday...
Some active souls might already have noticed: I have finally started sorting through about a million unsorted pictures, mainly from the UK. My sincere apologies for this very late update. Today it was raining buckets here in Beaumes de Venise, an excellent day for some catching up work. So far, I have published the following albums:

Catching up: Climbing with Charlie & Emilio
Catching up: Tintern Abbey
Catching up: Portland
Catching up: Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
Catching up: Tretower Court & Castle
Catching up: White Castle
Catching up: Raglan Castle
Catching up: Chepstow Castle

NB: for those who noticed that all Welsh castles seem to be located on the same spot: I messed up with the GPS. They are all more or less located in that area.

More pics will follow later! (I still have to sort through about 1000 pictures worth of Welsh castles... 8-O)

  • Rain is good for something ;-) by Marije

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